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An original, personal vision from debut director Gabriel Gettman, inspired by Mimi-Nashi Hōichi 耳なし芳—, an ancient Japanese myth.


A blind feral girl, with unearthly spiritual power, is taken in at a desolate medieval monastery.

Can her priestly protector's faith save her from the dark forces drawn by her presence?


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d i r e c t o r ' s   s t a t e m e n t

conceived as a psychological folk tale, rich in allegory, with a haunting painterly aesthetic, Caecilia laments the archetypal fate of lost artists, and the hubris of those who would save their souls


Gabriel Gettman is a young British-American director, whose award-winning work explores the power of femininity as a gateway to the dark realms of the unconscious.

Signed at age twenty-three to one of the world's most renowned production companies, he began his career shooting fashion commercials in Paris. This commercial work was featured by Vogue, Purple, Elle, W, Hunger, Wonderland, 1883, Volt and Sunday Times Style, at London Fashion Week, ASVOFF, Cannes, TIFF, Bokeh and the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, and in live performances by CocoRosie.

Now, after three years classical directing training at the Drama Centre at Central Saint Martins, for which he received first class honours, Gabriel has moved into narrative cinema, enlivening his richly aesthetic worlds with intensely skilful performances and a distinctively dark poetic voice.

He is currently developing his next fiction film: a post-apocalyptic story of madness, addiction and witchcraft starring three real-life sisters.


t r i v i a

Caecilia plays a real medieval Rebec, which was learned for this role by lead actress Samantha Dakin under the tutelage of Penelope Spencer, one of the world's foremost Baroque violinists

Mixing and sound design by top Hollywood sound artist James Boyle, whose credits include Batman Begins, World War Z, Casino Royale


Created by alumni of Drama Centre London at Central Saint Martins, the British conservatoire behind Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, Pierce Brosnan, Emilia Clarke, Paul Bettany and Russell Brand

Original score by renowned 'Systems music' composer John White, known for his 172 piano sonatas, 25 symphonies and 30 ballets, as well as work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre

Shot in spectacular historic churches, vaults, crypts, monasteries and convents around England, some of which have also appeared in features such as Les Miserables and The Constant Gardener

Edited by Stanley Kubrick’s veteran editor Nigel Galt, whose credits include Eyes Wide Shut, Full Metal Jacket and Shallow Grave

Technical Information


17 min / Colour / 2.35:1 scope / Dolby 5.1

2K scope DCP / HD Blu-ray / HD Pro-Res .mov

Dialogue lists and .SRT Subtitles available:

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Swedish, German, Japanese, Romanian



press kit

- Landscape and portrait poster images at 72dpi and 300dpi
- Stills at 72dpi and 300dpi
- Info PDF, including Synopsis, Director’s Statement, Trivia, Director’s Bio, Credits
- Portrait of director at 72dpi and 300dpi
- Dialogue Lists (.PDF) and Subtitles (.SRT) for all languages



directed by

Gabriel Gettman



Samantha Dakin

George Anton

Jane Wood

Gary Faulkner

written by

Gabriel Gettman


with inspiration from

The Story of Mimi-nashi Hōichi


as told by

Lafcadio Hearn

edited by

Nigel Galt

Gabriel Gettman



Ajith Krishnamoorthy Nair

director of photography

Phil Moreton


camera operator

Benjamin Winston


camera assistant

Murat Akyildiz



Ian Stowe



Alex Moore

Lamia Zaghoul


camera trainee

Billy Rayner


stills photographer

Paul Phung

background artists

Kathie Conn

Peter Sims

Anna Tierney

Oliver Dawe

Holly Marsden

Lanre Malaolu

Peter Clements

Natalie Wallace

Natasha Andrews

Angela Youngs

Ginny Roncoroni

David Palmstrom

produced by

Ginny Roncoroni

Gabriel Gettman

Sophie Pretorius


generously supported by

The Golubovich Foundation

production design

Piera Lizzeri


art dept assistant

Lizzie Wilkinson


caecilia hair by

Hamilton Stansfield


sfx make-up

Soo Jung Park

movement director

Fionn Cox-Davies


assistant directors

Valeria Puig

Sez Niederer


rebec training by

Penelope Spencer

original music

John White


sound mix

James Boyle


music production

Yaniv Fridel


sound edit

Nigel Galt


foley recordist

Glen Gathard


on-set recordist

Kyle Pickford


viola and violin

David Lasserson


music vocalist

Natalie Wallace


additional sound mix

James Shirley

special thanks to

Gordon’s Wine Bar, London

Home House, Portman Square

Rosary Priory, Bushey Heath

Wordsworth Place, Kentish Town

St Dominic’s Priory, Haverstock Hill

Diana Fraser

Jim Deeney

Ian Sturrock

Simon Gordon

M+D Gettman

Andreas Kaempf

Daniela Hardie

Nigel Gearing

Vladimir Mirodan

Jacinta O’Driscoll

Gregory Murphy

Maggie Wilkinson

Joshua Lipworth

Anthony Rattigan

Lesley Chakravorty

© 2017 Gabriel Gettman

All Rights Reserved


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